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Design Services

for Gas Extinguishing systems


of gas extinguishing system specifications.

Consulting Services

for the correct application of our systems and products.

On-site Inspections

of our installed gas systems.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

and refurbishing of cylinders in accordance with the PER and ISO/IEC 17020, SANS 10019, SANS 1825, SANS 6406, SANS 10460 and SANS 10461

Mandatory Room Integrity Testing

By Retrotec accredited technicians in accordance with SANS 14520:1.

Authorised refilling

of all our clean agent gas systems, e.g. Inergen (200 Bar and 300 Bar), HFC227ea, FK-5-1-12, Novec1230 and CO₂ gas systems.

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Gas Extinguishing

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Tyco Sprinklers and Deluge Systems

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